Need We Say More?


Elementor #2

Burger and Cookie of the Month!

St. Patty Melt Burger

Between two thick pieces of buttery toasted rye bread you will find 9 oz Certified Angus corned beef patty topped with whole grain mustard, bacon, Russian dressing & sauerkraut. Topped off with a beer battered pickle and served with steak fries

Reese's Peanut Butter Chunk cookie

This fresh baked decadent cookie boasts big chunks of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. No preservatives. Served with a shot of cold milk!

What’s All the

Sizzle about?

Fresh, local ingredients
10 local taps & 10 national taps
Fully stocked bar
Outdoor seating & fire pits
Takeout window
Vegetarian & salad options
Ice cream & shakes
Entertainment & events

pouring beer

Taking Flavors To

New Heights

Schooley’s Mountain is a historic mountain ridge that overlooks the beautiful town of Long Valley. Locals know the area for its long winding roads, familiar buildings and wooded landscape. But as much as we love the mountain, we felt that it could use something new. That’s when we had an idea: What if we open a brand new restaurant right here on the mountain?

So we did.


Say Cheeseburger!